Meet Our Teacher: Nano Khetsuriani

12 Oct 2020

Nano web

In our second edition of “Meet The FIS Team” it is time to get to know our superstar teacher  - Nano Khetsuriani. Nano is a well-travelled, young and motivated person. She graduated from Tbilisi State University majoring in Psychology. After her BA degree in Georgia, she pursued her Master’s studies abroad: Vytautas Magnus University in Lithuania, and the University of Malaga in Spain, majoring in Education Management. She already has several years of experience in teaching in an international environment. This week we sat down with Nano to talk about her teaching methods and what makes the Finnish International School - Georgia to stand out?
Here are her answers:

What makes the FIS teacher different?

At Finnish International School Georgia you will meet a group of enthusiastic and talented teachers whose work is based on trust and shared responsibility. Having a great deal of autonomy to determine the teaching process and each individual child’s learning path, teachers at our school create effective and quality learning experiences. Adult education and continuing training at our school have a great value which helps teachers learn and seek for new competencies, strengthen productivity and enhance multiculturalism. Teachers at our school cooperatively implement the conditions for life-long learning, foster a spirit of equality and achieve positive learning results for all learners.

What methods do you use to teach?

As a teacher, I always believe that every child can and will learn. To ensure this, at FIS we design supportive, non-competitive and cooperative learning environments where students can become proficient and achieve individual learning progress. Key transversal competencies like content-knowledge, problem-solving skills or interaction are actively reinforced through different types of activities. By the end of the day, each student can demonstrate what they have learnt and feel confident in their learning outcomes, as confidence gives them the motivation to learn further. Facilitating learning experiences for young students also elaborates joy and play, as it supports a child’s natural cognitive development. By supporting this natural element and guiding them within it we are able to increase their motivation to learn and to cooperate. While teaching, we keep focusing on an interdisciplinary approach on subjects, which allows children to form a holistic view of the matter being taught. We always remember that learning happens everywhere. No subject stand solely alone just like they do not do in real-world outside the school premises.

What does FIS mostly help their students with?

Students at FIS are daily encouraged to boost their learning potential by supporting and putting confidence in their capabilities. Learning how to learn is seen as a key component which helps students in improving thinking and reasoning skills. Self-related and content-related learning supports students become more confident in acquiring knowledge and applying it in practical, real-life.

What is your favourite thing about FIS?

While working at FIS my favourite thing so far has been to leave the comfort zone behind and face a “cognitive dissonance” which disturbs my thinking about the fact that I already know how to teach. It encourages me on daily basis to re-think and re-shape the way I teach so it becomes more responsive and appealing for our students, students who have a variety of backgrounds, interests and needs and who are taking an active lead and participation in their own learning. As a young educator and teacher for me, it’s a true life-time experience to be part of this dynamic process, to cooperate with young learners and have a key role to unlock and maximize their potential.

With the number-one education system in the world; the best Finnish and international teachers worldwide; the most advanced technology; learning based on holistic education, and not just subjects; and with a completely different - individual approach to teaching and developing 21st-century skills in our children, the Finnish International School - Georgia is the first and only school in the whole region of Caucasus, where the Finnish educational model is being implemented. Our goal is to raise not only great students but also great global citizens.