Meet Our Teacher: Natia Khazaradze

09 Nov 2020

Natia Web In our fifth issue of "Meet The FIS Team", it is time to get to know our amazing teacher - Natia Khazaradze. Natia has several years of working and teaching experience. She has been teaching English for years as an FCE and CELTA certified teacher. She also teaches Georgian at the Peace Corps. This week, we sat down with Natia to talk about her teaching methods and thoughts about the Finnish International School - Georgia.

What makes the FIS teacher different?

Teachers in FIS are real professionals, caring, extremely motivated and enthusiastic. FIS teachers shape the lives of young and curious children. Teachers in FIS are very resourceful with their teaching styles. They are deeply aware of the fact that not every child learns the same way, nor are they interested in the same things. Overall, critical thinking and creativity are all the characteristic traits that make FIS Teachers different.

What methods do you use to teach?

Several years of teaching experience have taught me that research-based teaching techniques and an individual approach to the student are the perfect combinations to make the best out of your teaching experience. I like classrooms where many learning activities are available for students. At FIS, we have integrated classes that are very effective to develop children’s not only social skills but multitasking, critical-thinking skills and what is more, it encourages academic confidence.

What does FIS most help their students with?

Teachers in FIS set high standards and give constant feedback on the students’ development. We plan the learning environment consciously, which also includes parents involvement in their children’s learning process. Our students are taught to think broadly and be creative. The classes are full of interaction where students can learn about the subject matter by adapting it to their lives.

Why FIS?

At FIS we are all like a family. FIS  system is based on a solid foundation of equality. Teachers in FIS build diversity in the classrooms, are adapted to the latest technologies and are open to innovation. FIS is a school with high educational standards.


With the number-one education system in the world; the best Finnish and international teachers worldwide; the most advanced technology; learning based on holistic education, and not just subjects; and with a completely different - individual approach to teaching and developing 21st-century skills in our children, the Finnish International School - Georgia is the first and only school in the whole region of Caucasus, where the Finnish educational model is being implemented. Our goal is to raise not only great students but also great global citizens.