Meet Our Teacher: Nadiia Dudareva

24 Nov 2020

Nadiia In our sixth issue of "Meet The FIS Team", it is time to get to know our amazing teacher - Nadiia Dudareva. Nadiia is originally from Ukraine and she has been living in Georgia for more than five years. She has a Masters degree in Philology and she is a certified TESOL/TEFL and RWI Phonics teacher with over ten years experience in teaching internationally. After graduation, she spent two years working as a certified RWI Phonics teacher in the North of China and Hong Kong. This week, we sat down with Nadiia to talk about her teaching methods and thoughts about the Finnish International School - Georgia.

What makes the FIS teacher different?
We all know that learning is a life-long process and at FIS, we are ready to discover new things together with our pupils, whilst also learning from them. A FIS teacher is not afraid of new challenges, nor to admit that there are still plenty of things they have to learn. Therefore, we help our pupils to understand the power of "yet", as well as learning how to learn and enjoy the process.

What methods do you use to teach?

In my opinion, flexibility is the best advantage that the Finnish education model has. A teacher is there to create a pupil-oriented learningenvironment. This means, choosing a teaching method that is not only efficient, but also productive and inspiring. At FIS, pupils have real independence, an active role in what and how they learn. They genuinely hold a key to unlocking their own potential.

What does FIS most help their students with?

At FIS, every teacher makes sure to always stand up for the pupils and help with any challenge that they are facing. Children spend most time at school, so in my opinion, it is very important to help students enjoy the time they spend at school. That is why our learning process is productive and has a collaborative nature.

Why FIS?

In my opinion, Finnish International School - Georgia creates the best learning environment for its pupils. A child's natural curiosity is the main priority and focus of the Finnish education curriculum.


With the number-one education system in the world; the best Finnish and international teachers worldwide; the most advanced technology; learning based on holistic education, and not just subjects; and with a completely different - individual approach to teaching and developing 21st-century skills in our children, the Finnish International School - Georgia is the first and only school in the whole region of Caucasus, where the Finnish educational model is being implemented. Our goal is to raise not only great students but also great global citizens.