How Does Finland Fight Against Fake News in Primary Schools

26 Nov 2020

As the world is struggling with more and more misinformation on a daily basis, Finland takes the fight seriously enough to teach it in primary school. In fact, Finland was recently rated Europe's most resistant nation to fake news.

In 2016, multi-platform information literacy and strong critical thinking have become a core, cross-subject component of a national curriculum in secondary schools. For example, in Math lessons, pupils learn how easy it is to lie with statistics. In art, they see how the meaning of the image can be manipulated. In history, they analyse notable propaganda campaigns. Finnish teachers work with pupils on many levels to help them understand how some words can be used to confuse, mislead and deceive.

The Finnish government decided to start educating the nation in regard to the fake news in 2014, when the country was first targeted with fake news by its Russian neighbour.

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