Meet Our Teacher: Eto Giuashvili

02 Dec 2020


In our seventh issue of "Meet The FIS Team", it is time to get to know our superstar teacher - Eto Giuashvili. With a Bachelor’s degree in English philology and a Master’s degree in Teaching, both, from Ilia State University, Eto has more than 12 years of experience in working as a teacher. She has been teaching a wide range of pupil age groups, from 1st to 12th graders. Therefore the journey Eto is undertaking at the FIS  is very exciting, yet familiar for her. This week, we sat down with Eto to talk about her teaching methods and thoughts about the Finnish International School - Georgia.

What makes the FIS teacher different?

Teaching has always associated with lifelong learning to me. I truly believe, this attitude is a key to success in education and not only. A person with a belief of continuous learning leads one's community to a brighter future. Someone who gives up easily can never be a good teacher. Personal values are core for staying in the field for long term and making good impact on future generations. Some other important principles that make the FIS teacher different are understanding the importance of motivation, using active learning methods, ability to cooperate with other teachers for reaching common goals, and growing pupils with an open mindset. Emotional, organizational and structural support are key features that every FIS teacher has.

What methods do you use to teach?

When it comes to methods there is not one good receipt that guarantees the quality. I think while planning teacher should consider the pupils in her class, their learner types and their individual work or communication styles as well as their interests.  Also, the ability to observe yourself and students and reflecting on the process and outcomes of the lessons, and being able to change things for the better just in a blink of an eye leads a skilful teacher to accomplish the goal for each lesson.
In general, I find project-based methods more engaging as a pupil is equipped with responsibility and trust over one’s own learning.

What does FIS most help their students with?

n our school, we create a positive learning environment, especially with young learners, where there are so many different needs to be met, strengths to be promoted and personalities to be safeguarded. We strongly believe that emotional well- being is the key for primary students to succeed in academics.  So all the students receive affirmation of their values, learning styles and positive reinforcement in response to their effort. Therefore the attitude is usually duplicated by the students and they learn to respect each other’s differences. It helps the teacher to build a team spirit and also satisfies student’s recognition and appreciation needs to reach the highest level of motivation.

Why FIS?

Young learners easily copy the behaviour and attitude they see.  Teachers here are open and ready for changes and challenges to prepare pupils for the real world. They are open to new cultures, tolerate different opinions and study or work types. We work with absolute trust and agreement. Here you will find a team of wonderful people who are all different but they share one common goal and determination towards achieving it. So, of course, all of us are ready to contribute and compromise a lot, as well as lead and help each other. This is how we established the trustful and helpful environment to work and model for pupils and future staff of the Finnish International School - Georgia.


With the number-one education system in the world; the best Finnish and international teachers worldwide; the most advanced technology; learning based on holistic education, and not just subjects; and with a completely different - individual approach to teaching and developing 21st-century skills in our children, the Finnish International School - Georgia is the first and only school in the whole region of Caucasus, where the Finnish educational model is being implemented. Our goal is to raise not only great students but also great global citizens.