The development path of the country is always determined by the quality of the education. Educated generation is the key instrument for progress, development and increase of country’s competitiveness internationally.

Curriculum at Finnish International School relies on the best learning model in the world – Finnish learning method that builds in practical learning for future. The Finnish Learning Model promotes individual approach for each student and diversity of learning activities to suit different needs. The model encourages the development of analytical and entrepreneurial mindset and skills.

The best academic program, highest quality of the education and qualified teachers who are certified according the Finnish Learning Model standards – make our school unique. We offer International Bachelor Diploma at the last stage of the school, that enables our students to continue their study in any country of the world.


Why Finnish International School


  • Finnish learning method relies on the three main principles – trust, freedom and equality.
  • Our days are filled with joy of learning. We focus for each individual child and every child is important and in the middle of his/her own learning process. Therefore we will use modern student-centric pedagogical practises to facilitate learning process.
  • One of the most important hallmarks of the Finnish School is the development of individualism, analytical, innovative mindset, and learn for life. Finnish learning method promotes revealing the interests and inclinations of students from the early stage of the school.
  • We do not overemphasize the student workload. Human brains require breaks and pauses in a learning, especially during first grades in primary school. Quality comes always before quantity for us. It is important for us that our school days are relatively short and there are recesses after every lesson.
  • Integrated Subjects developing real life skills – teachers plan joint lessons with other teachers.
  • The latest technology use and learnig the skills of the future
  • Learning happens all the time everywhere. So therefore we will learn many things also during the recesses, out in a nature, during the field trips etc.
  • It is a common myth, that there are no homework and no tests in Finnish school. Sure, we have some tests, but we do not overemphasize the role of testing and assessing. We are learning for life not for tests and we do emphasize the 21st century skills for the future.
  • We have highly trained, very skilled, top-professionals teachers and other staff. We will formidably invest for continuous teacher on-site training and staff development. We feel that our school is a kind of a family and therefore it is important for us that the staff dedicated and devoted collaboratively work for the pupils.
  • Continuous discussion and sharing ideas is what is always needed in educational sciences. We would gladly share ideas and participate in cooperation to teachers development widely for the future impact for whole Georgia.


Based to recent researches, Finland scored:


  • 1st Happiness, world happiness report 2019, UN sustainable development solutions Network
  • 1st Skills, Global Competitiveness report 2018, World Economic Forum
  • 1st Future Skills, Worldwide Educating for the Future index 2018, the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • 1st Education, Legatum prosperity index 2018, Legatum institute
  • 1st Education, Better life index 2017, OECD