Our vision and values

Our vision

The students graduating from FIS will be ready to tackle the challenges of continuing education and world of work, equipped with the knowledge, skills and competences required to succeed in further studies and career.

Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development Goals will give the students an unprecedented view on their roles in an international world as global actors. These principles are supported in the school through the development of soft competencies, practical skills and strong academic performance.
Our values

At Finnish International School - Georgia we create an environment:

- where every individual has equal opportunities to learn and develop their personal skills, knowledge, and abilities for the future. 

- that fosters a student-centred, individual approach to learning since different individuals learn differently. 

that creates a joy of learning, and an atmosphere where making mistakes is seen as an opportunity to learn from.

that encourages cooperation rather than competition. 

that is development-oriented and has devoted staff who are continuously reflecting on their performance.

that places emphasis on pedagogical team development and academic quality maintenance. 

that values technology and innovation.
The school will have a strong emphasis on building the students’ entrepreneurial mindset and skills, as well as the ability to understand and use the latest technology to improve the quality of life of individuals, the society and the environment.