Finnish educational model

The fact: Finnish educational model is the best in the world. But one may wonder what makes it so special, what are the factors that distinguishes it from the educational systems of the other countries? 


In Finland, children go to school to study for life - not for the exams. Teachers have developed individual approaches for teaching and student assessment. There is a holistic, multidisciplinary environment created that focuses on the development of each student's academic skills as well as their social and emotional state.


The driving force for our school, and for the Finnish education system in general, is professional, motivated teachers. As a rule, each of them holds at least a master’s degree. Being teacher is one of the most prestigious, desirable and valued professions in Finland.


The Finnish educational  model aims the development of skills for the practical application of knowledge. It is common to integrate classes around different topics. We believe that students learn more effectively through teamwork, practical projects and observation. Information technologies are also inseparable part in daily learning, since our goal is to prepare students for the tomorrow's world and innovations. 


The volume of the homeworks is minimized, because we believe that after school, time spent with the family and proper sleep is more important, than the homework for the child's personal development. That's why the most part of the homework is done by students at school.


Keeping the kids close to nature is an integral part of the school - hiking, excursions and spending breaks in the school yard in the daily routine. That's why we chose Saguramo. Our priority was to open the school in an ecologically clean location, away from the city noise and emissions.


And yet, whereas many other countries are leading in terms of literacy or higher education of its population, by what criteria was Finnish educational system recognized as the best?
It turned out that Finland is the only country in the world, where people are educated and happy  with life at the equally highest level.


According to the annual report stated by UN, Finland has consistently maintained its status as the happiest country in the world for 4 years now. This proves that the Finnish educational model is not only the effective learning system, but it ensures the formation of a professional and socially realized individual.