Our story

Investment and Advisory Company Alliance Group Holding initiated and opened first Finnish International School in Saguramo, Georgia.

For the beginning, first 3 grades of elementary school were established. Next classes will be added gradually and the school will be able to receive students in all 12 grades by the 2021.

Alliance Group Holding aims Finnish school to be one of the visible and exemplary not only in Georgia, but also in Caucasus region. Besides Saguramo, the company is planning to open Finnish schools in the big cities of Georgia and neighboring countries.

Finnish International School signed the agreement with the leading Finnish education consortium that has a profound experience in implementing the large-scale projects both in Finland and International markets. It is important to note, that the consortium entails the organizations from education, architecture and construction sectors that actively work together with Georgian experts towards the successful implementation of the Finnish school project in Georgia.

Within the partnership framework of the Finnish Consortium and Finnish International School Georgia, Polar Partners provides comprehensive curriculum tailored to Georgia's academic needs, students and teachers. The later conducts recruitment of teachers and their training in Finnish Learning Model together with University of Turku and Koulu Education Group from Finland.


Why Finnish School and Finnish education model?


The most important goal for the founder company is to focus on the development of those sectors that are strategically important for the country.  The country’s development path is always based on the quality of the education. The educated generation is the key that drives development, progress and increased competitiveness of the country at the international level.

It is universally accepted fact that the Finnish learning system is the best in the world. From 2012, Finland is the leader in the primary and secondary education systems of the world rankings. Finnish students show the best results in the world according to knowledge and school skills.

One of the most important hallmarks of the Finnish school is the development of individualism, practicality and preparation for real life. Although the learning principles in Finland are unique and original, Finnish children have repeatedly shown the best results worldwide. Here children are given not only actual and necessary general knowledge, but they are being trained for real life. Accordingly, such method has the beneficial and most constructive effects.

Finland is well established leader in launching the successful innovative start-up projects performed by youngsters and the majority of those projects have turned into billion dollar investment companies.

These are aspects that motivate Alliance Group Holding to launch the Finnish International School Project in Georgia.


Why Saguramo?


Saguramo is a place that has the appropriate space, perfectly cozy and eco-friendly environment for the learning process, which is essential for the proper functioning of the Finnish school.

The priority was to choose a location close to nature, considering that one of the driving factors of the Finnish education system is to get knowledge outside of the academic walls.