About us

Our story

Finnish International School—Georgia (FIS) is the very first educational institution in the whole region of the Caucasus that implements the world’s best education system. The idea of launching a Finnish Model school in Georgia was initiated in 2018 by an investment and advisory company  - Alliance Group Holding. 

FIS views raising active citizens capable of efficiently tuning in and adapting to the fast-changing environment and thriving in the expanding international marketplace as its primary objective. At FIS, we focus on developing creativity, critical thinking, as well as cooperation skills in the pupils. Global Citizenship and Sustainable Development Goals give the students an unprecedented view on their roles in an international world as global actors. In our school, our students learn the concepts of citizenship, business, entrepreneurship, governance, professional life and leadership through experiential learning. 

We have the most amazing Finnish and international teachers as part of our team. They create a fun, productive, personalized and secure environment for all of their pupils. 

Key features of the Finnish International School - Georgia:

100% Finnish curriculum delivered in English,  with a strong emphasis on both scientific discovery and cultural understanding.

The unique multilingual and multi-cultural ethos specific to the Finnish education model.

A strong focus on developing individuals who are capable of meeting the requirements and challenges of the 21st century.

Preparation for higher education across Europe.

An individualized approach to each pupil and 

Strong individual support and thoroughly differentiated classroom learning.

The curriculum of the Finnish International School has been developed by the education experts of the Finnish-American educational organization - ISS (International School Services) and SISU Schools, it is also fully compatible with the national curriculum of Georgia.